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Back to work notice

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Update time : 2015-03-02 15:12:00
You probably heard from the news already about the Coronavirus from Wuhan. The whole country is fighting this battle and as an individual business we also take all necessary measurement to reduce our impact to minimal. Luckily, our facoty was one of very few businesses firstly passed the inspection and got granted the OPERATION LICENCE from the government. There are 2 things I would like to communicate with you:
  1. We do extra on sterilizing.
Although it is known that virus couldn’t likely survive in the manufacturing and transportation process, we do understand the public concern from a perception prospective. Our products and labors are sterilized in a careful way.
Our workers are required to wear masks while working and are measured temperature every shift (4hrs/shift).

  1. We do expect certain level of shipment delay due to the labor shortage.
To reduce opportunity of public infection, many workers from other provinces are not allowed to leave their cities. Therefore, our workers could not get back to production line as planned. To minimise the impact of order booming from May to September and cause a postponed shipment, we really appreciate an early PO this year, so that we can better arrange our prodcution plan and ensure a favored shipment time to you.
Since the April Canton Fair may not be held due to the virus, we will emphasis more on sending regular e-catalogs to introduce our new creations. Please check the download page.

We really appreciate your trusts, supports and collaborations. Please email us your purchase order if you like our products. Wish you all the best and stay safe.